I walked out of my $65K/year corporate job of eight years and this is what happened…

Ok, I know what you are probably saying in your head: “What in the world are you thinking?” Yes, I have been there myself.  I had no plan. Not a lot of money. But I was tired of pretending something I wasn’t.

Many years of my life to a company about to be thrown out the window. I had just celebrated my eight year that month. I swallowed my pride, packed up my desk, and wrote my notice. Turned in my badge and didn’t look back. (Well, ok I forgot my cell phone so I had to go back for that.)

But other than that, I have not yet regretted this decision. I left 250 hours of sick time and 80 hours of vacation time on the table. But it didn’t matter. I was going to live life. I had so many trials and tribulations happening that culminated to this event.

We can get into those later. This blog serves as a memory board for me and also a point of reference. Hope you find joy in the journey with me. Or at least some entertainment…

“When we have awareness, we have enlightenment. We have power at the end of the day, that is the thing I wish for everyone. Truth over denial, power over limitations.”


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